ImageI am a latecomer to dry shampoo. I don’t know, I just never liked the idea of it. It’s why I won’t buy a kindle – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Paper books work fine, and so does traditional shampoo.

The problem I have – and I don’t know if any of you will relate to this – I feel a need to wash my hair every day. If I don’t then my scalp feels dirty and I cannot relax. This is fine, it takes two minutes to wash my hair, but since developing ME its become more cumbersome. 

Recently I have taken to straightening my hair too because it looks much better but obviously the effects only last until my next wash. And given that straightening severely damages my hair I want to do this as little as possible. So that is when I decided to give in and try dry shampoo – with reports from my friends, I was expecting miracles.

I remember as a kid reading in a magazine that talc in your hair was supposed to take the grease out. I also remember taking it and not thinking about the fact that talc is white and my hair is brunette! I had to field embarrassing questions all day about why I had talc powder in my hair!

I was told to buy the top brand dry shampoo, and this is Batiste. I was assured it works well but is the only brand that does. So I headed down to Superdrug where I was pleased to see they had the product on offer. 

Not really knowing what I was looking at, I picked up a bottle – “Floral & Flirty Blush” – paid and went home. I hung my hair upside down and began to spray at the recommended distance of 30cm. The first thing I noticed was how refreshed my head felt! It really was like having a hair wash! But when I swung my head back up in the right direction I was taken right back to my ‘talc’ day at school – My roots were white! When I mentioned this to a friend she said you can get cans for brunettes so the next time I headed back and picked up one of those!

I used the “a hint of colour – Dark & Deep Brown” the next time I did not want to wash my hair and it was much better. It still felt cool and it also didnt change my hair colour! Result!

As the day wore on though I began to feel that dirty feeling so it did not really do what I was hoping for. And although it did brighten up my hair initially, it did look greasy by lunch time. I suppose it would have been a good idea to take the bottle out with me and apply as and when I needed to.

I think this product is good for a quick pick-me-up but I wouldnt use it in place of a good shampoo. I havent really used it since – my son gets some use out of it though – but I wouldnt rule it out, and its certainly good to have some in the cupboard for emergencies.



Coconut Creme


You may be forgiven for thinking I have a coconut obsession! The recent posts on this foodstuff is purely coincidental, I can assure you!

Coconut Creme from The Little Bubble Co. is a bubble bath that I came across when browsing the bath section of my local Boots: The Chemist.

The first time I bought it there were two reasons: firstly it was on offer for 99p and secondly it smelt very strongly of coconut.

Bath products are a funny thing with their smells, don’t you find? Whatever fruit they are claiming to be, its always much more intense than the actual fruit could ever hope to be. In fact, if you smelt them together – say, coconut bath cream and the juice of a coconut – they smell nothing alike. The same for strawberries, lemons, apples, and everything else. Yet, we could smell a bubble bath and instantly know what smell it was supposed to be mimicking.

This product is no different, the smell is strong, and sweet, and really lovely. Both when you open the lid and have a sniff, and when you use it in the bath. I was not disappointed when I used it, I came out of the bath feeling like a right fruity nut!! (Do you like what I did there?!)

When you pour Coconut Creme from The Little Bubble Co. under running water it develops a lovely smelly foam in the bath. The foam isnt too volumised but there are definitely adequate bubbles. Somehow I don’t feel clean unless a product has bubbles. I feel squeeky clean after a Coconut Creme bath. It is very soft to the skin, too.

The bubble bath comes in a fairly big container, which holds 500mls. It lasted for ages so at its normal price of £2.99 you are getting really good value for money. It isnt tested on animals, is suitable for vegetarians and is allergen free.

Once I used this product it was instantly a firm favourite. I do sometimes try other products for my bath but this is one of my firm go-to products if I cannot make a decision. I currently have a bottle of it by my bath and I cannot imagine when I will not.

The Little Bubble Co. also do a range of other flavours such as Strawberry Sundae, Vanilla Biscuit and Mango Delight. I have tried them all. They are all nice and luxurious but only really loved the Coconut Creme one.

Have you tried it? What did you think?

I definitely think it is worth a go!



I love the current trend of wearing black eyeliner. It looks sexy, glamorous and opens the eyes big and wide. I have always found applying it to me a big kerfuffle though. No matter which one I try, it never stays put and I end up looking like a panda bear. Recently I have been trying out a number of them with varying results so I thought I would offer a review.

Soap & Glory

I am a huge fan of S&G products. The Supercat was the first eyeliner I ever tried, a good few years ago. I havent used it recently so I do not know if they have improved upon the ingredients but these are my thoughts:

I love the physical shape of this type of eyeliner – a pen. It holds well and glides on with ease. It offers a great shape on the eye, very 1950’s, and really widens my somewhat small eyes. I used this pen for a long time but in the end became annoyed that it did not stay on. Not only that but it seemed to rub off onto the upper lid just below the eyebrow.

At £6 (a lot cheaper than other S&G products) you get what you pay for.



Next I tried the L’oreal eyeliner Lineur Intense. This was my first experience with a brush applicator and I did not like it. For anyone who does not have completely steady hands this can be a nightmare. I watched some Youtube video’s and saw that you did not need to apply in one sweeping move but instead doing it bit by bit works out better.

I liked this one more because it dried quickly and did not smudge. It did need to be reapplied a few times over the day but that didnt matter to me as long as there was no double line on my upper lid.

I don’t know if they changed the ingredients but the last couple of times I bought it, it was not staying put for longer than an hour so I decided to move on to something different.

At £7 per applictor this is a good price for what it offers but its not enough for me.


No7 (Boots)

I have never purchased a No7 product that I have been disappointed with and their Amazing Eyes Liner is no different. It comes in a small tube, which is see-through so you can see how much you have left. The applicator brush is small, a little bit too long for my liking, but it works well and goes on with ease.

The liquid dries quickly, looks bold, does not smudge or wear off. The problem I have with this product (which may be me more than the ingredients) is that it makes my eyes water, and when they water the liner goes everywhere. I turned up at work for a meeting, looking like I’d been crying and did not realise until the lunch break!

If I were not allergic to the product I would have stuck with this one. Also around the £7 mark, its very good value for money.


Barry M

I have been a number of times but have always steered clear. I assumed because its at the cheaper end of the market their products would be no good. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I picked up a waterproof (I was taking no chances) gel eyeliner in champagne colour (sparkly grey) because I couldn’t see the black on the shelf. As soon as I got home I tried it out, just putting it over my black No7 eyeliner. I was instantly amazed with how much further it opened my eyes than the other products, I really liked the look. It went on very easily and stayed put. I’m very bad at taking my make up off and it was still there in the morning – that is the sign of a good product!

The next day I went back and found the black version. I liked that too. It doesnt offer as dramatic a look as the liquid liners but it does the job well regardless. It also gives me a different, softer look. There is no smudging, no wearing off and yet the face can be wiped clean very easily with eye make up remover.

At £5.50 this was slightly cheaper than the other products but twice as good. I know who will be getting my money in future – Barry M!


Do you wear eyeliner? What one do you use? Have you had any problems? What would you recommend?