I love the current trend of wearing black eyeliner. It looks sexy, glamorous and opens the eyes big and wide. I have always found applying it to me a big kerfuffle though. No matter which one I try, it never stays put and I end up looking like a panda bear. Recently I have been trying out a number of them with varying results so I thought I would offer a review.

Soap & Glory

I am a huge fan of S&G products. The Supercat was the first eyeliner I ever tried, a good few years ago. I havent used it recently so I do not know if they have improved upon the ingredients but these are my thoughts:

I love the physical shape of this type of eyeliner – a pen. It holds well and glides on with ease. It offers a great shape on the eye, very 1950’s, and really widens my somewhat small eyes. I used this pen for a long time but in the end became annoyed that it did not stay on. Not only that but it seemed to rub off onto the upper lid just below the eyebrow.

At £6 (a lot cheaper than other S&G products) you get what you pay for.



Next I tried the L’oreal eyeliner Lineur Intense. This was my first experience with a brush applicator and I did not like it. For anyone who does not have completely steady hands this can be a nightmare. I watched some Youtube video’s and saw that you did not need to apply in one sweeping move but instead doing it bit by bit works out better.

I liked this one more because it dried quickly and did not smudge. It did need to be reapplied a few times over the day but that didnt matter to me as long as there was no double line on my upper lid.

I don’t know if they changed the ingredients but the last couple of times I bought it, it was not staying put for longer than an hour so I decided to move on to something different.

At £7 per applictor this is a good price for what it offers but its not enough for me.


No7 (Boots)

I have never purchased a No7 product that I have been disappointed with and their Amazing Eyes Liner is no different. It comes in a small tube, which is see-through so you can see how much you have left. The applicator brush is small, a little bit too long for my liking, but it works well and goes on with ease.

The liquid dries quickly, looks bold, does not smudge or wear off. The problem I have with this product (which may be me more than the ingredients) is that it makes my eyes water, and when they water the liner goes everywhere. I turned up at work for a meeting, looking like I’d been crying and did not realise until the lunch break!

If I were not allergic to the product I would have stuck with this one. Also around the £7 mark, its very good value for money.


Barry M

I have been a number of times but have always steered clear. I assumed because its at the cheaper end of the market their products would be no good. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I picked up a waterproof (I was taking no chances) gel eyeliner in champagne colour (sparkly grey) because I couldn’t see the black on the shelf. As soon as I got home I tried it out, just putting it over my black No7 eyeliner. I was instantly amazed with how much further it opened my eyes than the other products, I really liked the look. It went on very easily and stayed put. I’m very bad at taking my make up off and it was still there in the morning – that is the sign of a good product!

The next day I went back and found the black version. I liked that too. It doesnt offer as dramatic a look as the liquid liners but it does the job well regardless. It also gives me a different, softer look. There is no smudging, no wearing off and yet the face can be wiped clean very easily with eye make up remover.

At £5.50 this was slightly cheaper than the other products but twice as good. I know who will be getting my money in future – Barry M!


Do you wear eyeliner? What one do you use? Have you had any problems? What would you recommend?