The Fat Burn Revolution by Julia Buckley [Review]

I have known Julia for many years. She is a blogger friend I met many moons ago when I was aspiring to be a journalist. I have been in awe of her writing skills for the best part of ten years, so when I heard she was writing a book about my favourite subject – exercise, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

I wasn’t disappointed. The Fat Burn Revolution by Julia Buckley is a fantastic resource for anyone who is wanting to reduce inches the healthy way. I personally cannot follow it due to health complications, which means I can’t do exertive exercise (probably my biggest sacrifice in recent years) but there was a time when I would have taken the book and given it my absolute everything – and there is nothing to stop you doing just that. Take a look at this Youtube video of Julia introducing the book, as she can do it much better than me.

Authors of books are usually passionate about their projects and Julia is no different. Over the last few years I have seen Julia dive into her personal training with gutso and steadfast determination to help others achieve their goals. She has been running her own fitness blog for some time and the posts and comments speak for themselves about her success rate. This is a trainer who not only knows her field well but knows how to communicate her message thanks to her journalism background. Two pivotal factors in achieving the goals this book sets out to achieve.

If you are looking for a quick fix, or an easy way to get slimmer, this isn’t the book for you. If, however, you are committed to long term health, willing to put in the hard work and stick with the programme, then I highly recommend you go buy it. Whatever your fitness levels are, this book can help you. There is a 12 week programme that works around you and pushes your levels of fitness. The great thing about this programme is that it is adaptive, so you won’t ever feel like its too easy for you – no matter what your current fitness level. And the good thing is, you are going to come out the other end with a much improved fitness level and hopefully less fat inches.

As someone for whom exercise was never a natural activity, Julia has the benefit of personal experience. Although she has never been excessively overweight, she talks in the book about her own experience of fluctuations and hating PE lessons as a kid! She also offers nutritional advice, weight loss, maintenance, challenges and lots of other things you would expect to see in a healthy weight loss book.

I like it – a lot. It is very well researched, it is also very well written and presented and it is jammed packed with great advice that will not only serve the short term, but can be taken onboard for a lifetime of health benefits.

The Fat Burn Revolution: Boost your metabolism and burn fat fast by Julia Buckley is available from all good book stores and can be purchased from places like Amazon online (click the link). It is published by Bloomsbury Sport and is currently available in paperback and e-book.

I really hope this is a book that does well, it deserves to.

See more information about Julia Buckley at and see her fat burn group on Facebook