Coconut Creme


You may be forgiven for thinking I have a coconut obsession! The recent posts on this foodstuff is purely coincidental, I can assure you!

Coconut Creme from The Little Bubble Co. is a bubble bath that I came across when browsing the bath section of my local Boots: The Chemist.

The first time I bought it there were two reasons: firstly it was on offer for 99p and secondly it smelt very strongly of coconut.

Bath products are a funny thing with their smells, don’t you find? Whatever fruit they are claiming to be, its always much more intense than the actual fruit could ever hope to be. In fact, if you smelt them together – say, coconut bath cream and the juice of a coconut – they smell nothing alike. The same for strawberries, lemons, apples, and everything else. Yet, we could smell a bubble bath and instantly know what smell it was supposed to be mimicking.

This product is no different, the smell is strong, and sweet, and really lovely. Both when you open the lid and have a sniff, and when you use it in the bath. I was not disappointed when I used it, I came out of the bath feeling like a right fruity nut!! (Do you like what I did there?!)

When you pour Coconut Creme from The Little Bubble Co. under running water it develops a lovely smelly foam in the bath. The foam isnt too volumised but there are definitely adequate bubbles. Somehow I don’t feel clean unless a product has bubbles. I feel squeeky clean after a Coconut Creme bath. It is very soft to the skin, too.

The bubble bath comes in a fairly big container, which holds 500mls. It lasted for ages so at its normal price of £2.99 you are getting really good value for money. It isnt tested on animals, is suitable for vegetarians and is allergen free.

Once I used this product it was instantly a firm favourite. I do sometimes try other products for my bath but this is one of my firm go-to products if I cannot make a decision. I currently have a bottle of it by my bath and I cannot imagine when I will not.

The Little Bubble Co. also do a range of other flavours such as Strawberry Sundae, Vanilla Biscuit and Mango Delight. I have tried them all. They are all nice and luxurious but only really loved the Coconut Creme one.

Have you tried it? What did you think?

I definitely think it is worth a go!