Jewellery Making…

jewellery-making-workshops-totnes-1-wFor years now I have had friends making jewellery from scratch and in the early days it was not something that ever appealed to me. I am not a huge wearer of jewellery – or I never used to be at any rate – and my creative urges would lend more to the written word and a bit of graphic design. For the last few years, however, I have been playing the idea through with my mind. It is something that I may one day have a go at but not pressing in my mind at the moment. Then a couple of weeks ago I went to visit a friend and mentioned my vague interest to her. She promptly got her box of beads out and gave me a tutorial. I was instantly hooked.

I immediately went into town to locate beads and wire and was shocked to realise nowhere sold jewellery making equipment! I found lots of shops that facilitated a number of different crafting ventures – sewing, knitting, card-making, scrapbooking for example – but no beading. I went home a bit deflated and giving in to the idea that I would have to order from the internet and wait for supplies to arrive. I’m not the most patient of people!

jewellery box

In the meantime I started to look up tutorials online, and I got some books from the library. As I sat up reading them one night, and talking about my excitement of getting started, my boyfriend said, “you’re really getting into this idea, aren’t you?” And it’s true; it’s been a while since anything has truly captured my attention but this actual has – and I hadn’t even started yet!

Before my beads arrived, I went and purchased a crafting tool box (which wasn’t cheap) and so at least I had a home. I ordered various bits from all over the place (Ebay, Amazon and various other small businesses) and the bits came in drips and drabs. It was so exciting to see my box building up.

I eventually tried to make a bracelet. I went with the easy way firstly and made a simple elasticated beaded bracelet (actually, I made three) and I loved them. I found it easy to put together. I loved the creativity of having created something myself. Once I got some more beads in I made a slightly more complex bracelet using a chain and clasp. I was surprised how easily I picked up those skills. The bracelet is going to remain one of my favourites as its little glass matt beads with semi-precious starfish, and it is so dinky. I had to play around with the length and the tension but the final result was lovely.

I am thinking that I may well try to sell some pieces once I have a bit more experience with them. I am restricted in the work I can do due to my health, so having something I can do while relaxing is ideal. I am also considering other crafting ideas for money making… what creative ventures do you have to bring in a bit of pocket money?


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